Cyber Security

We live in a world that is increasingly interconnected. Everything from home security systems to pacemakers can be accessed remotely through the internet.

I recently picked up a book by Marc Goodman called Future Crimes. In it, he discusses the methods cyber criminals use to turn technology against us. Often this means hacking into the various appliances we grow dependent of. As people purchase more electronics that are able to connect to the internet, new doors are being introduced for hackers to walk through.

See a cyber criminal only needs to break the weakest lock in order to gain access to data shared within a network of devices. As I continued to read the book, I became more and more interested in what methods are used to prevent such attacks. How do I ensure that any application or computer system I build is not vulnerable?

I have enjoyed reading this book and I am grateful to have picked it up. It has been truly eye-opening in presenting the possible dangers of this ever expanding frontier.